Banking as an industry is dependent on personal services but with the onset of globalization and increased competition, banks are starting to use more advanced technology in order to meet the changing business dynamics in industry. It is within this need for expanding services to meet customers anytime in any place, financial institutions have embarked on setting up channels that can provide their customers with over-the- counter services.  These alternate channels facilitate a flexible approach to providing services to the customers in remote areas and enable easy access through wireless connection. The channels include use of mobile, automated teller machines, bill payments, mini branch solutions, and point of sale, internet and others. These channels are 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Craft Silicon has also developed a switch that can communicate between the core banking system and alternative business channels. Craft Silicon’s Switch solution helps solve the distribution problem for banks, a solution with which a bank can expect to accelerate their services and market the right products to a broader set of customer segments, to make the vision of banking beyond branches come true.

The switch is known as Banker Realm Electronic Fund Transfer (BREFT).  BREFT is a switch routing engine that allows an institution to accept incoming messages in any given format, process them and either respond to them or forward them to the designated host. BREFT switch engine is highly parameterized and can process messages in any formats, translate them to any formats as required by the designated host.

Craft Silicon Provides alternate channels include ;Bankers Realm CE (Point of sale solution) , BR EFT -ATM (ATM Switch solution) , Banking@Home (Internet Banking Solution) , bMobile (SMS Banking solution) , Trucell (Mobile banking solution) and our newly innovation yet to come to markert BR Money Transfer and ELMA (Mobile shopping solution)

Our customers enjoy the different diversified alternates to reach their customers in marginalised areas. These solutions have been tested to intergrate with other core financial applications such as T24 , Flex cube and informix.

The channels are easy to deploy and provide and easy and effective way for customers to acces their financial services right at their comfort.


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