ATM Switch
The ATM is an automated teller machine which can dispense cash and accept other requests like balance enquiry, funds transfer from the customer, etc. To identify the customer, the machine uses a magnetic strip card which is issued by the bank and with the authentication of the PIN it can secure the transactions. The transactions accepted by the ATM are routed to the ATM Switch which authenticates the PIN with the hardware security module and interacts with the other core banking applications and if necessary routes the transaction to the third party switching network. It accepts the response and handles the responses to the ATM.

Craft Silicon Limited provides the ATM switch known as the ‘Banker Realm ATM Switch ‘ and also lease ATM machines to customers who are using Bankers Realm core financial applications as well as non - Bankers Realm core financial applications customers. The main types of ATM leased to customers are NCR, Wincor, GRG, Fungishtu and Triton. The hardware provided, depend heavily on the financial institution specification on services provided by ATM. The specifications can include the security mechanism preference, customer identification preference (biometric or magnetic strip, pin code etc.), device installation (on wall or stand alone) and others. The ATM machine uses Win 0S2, NT and XP operating system, and is highly scalable to any core banking RDBMS, core banking and core microfinance application, and any other EFT channel vendors.

  • Pin change
  • Enquiries - Balance, account info, mini statement, full statement, Forex rates
  • Financial services - Cash withdrawal, bill payments, deposit (cash, cheques and mixed cash & cheques)
  • Perform mobile top-up
  • Processing of the Point of Sale transactions
  • Ability to do multicurrency transactions
  • Ability to process internal transfer
  • Currency exchange
  • Biometric features (Fingerprint)
  • Transfer money to other charity accounts
  • Incorporate mobile payments - MPESA
  • Deposit currency recognition, acceptance, recycling and exchange
  • Advertisement using flash screen saver
  • Integration with other non-banking equipment (POS, Pay Point, Mobile etc)
  • Information feedback in the printed form and on screen in an easy to understand language
  • Keeps copy of transaction in roll paper inside ATM - journals
  • Allows high bank notes withdrawal and deposit accuracy regardless of currency type
  • Able to access the database on real time basis
  • Multilingual
  • Transaction security – 3 description

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To Customers
  • Provides easy-to-use interface, with a simple menu to access different banking services
  • Provides customer friendly error and warning messages on transactions
  • Provides easy to read and understand customer statements
  • Provides one-stop integration of payments, from mobile to bank, or other banks

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To Business
  • Provides better and anytime, anywhere access to the bank account and services
  • Increases revenues through use of ATM
  • Provides lots of add-on utilities such as fund raising, bill payments, integration with alternate channels e.g. POS
  • Easy advertisement portal, for news, announcements of new products and services

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The main modules on the ATM Machines supported by the ATM Switch, include
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Funds Transfer
  • Forex
  • Full Statement request
  • Checkbook requests
  • PIN Change
  • Bill Payment
  • Mobile Service Access
  • Service Payment
  • Donation Payment
  • Send Inquiry
  • Change Language
  • Card Cancel
  • Other Accounts
  • Mobile Top Up
  • POS service
  • Visa Card Use
  • News flash screen
  • Ad flash screen

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Integrated Solutions
The ATM can easily integrate with any core banking, Microfinance application, Point of Sale as well as Mobile devices through mobile services such as money transfer, bill payments and mobile to Ups.

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Some of Our Clients
  • FAULU, Kenya

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Other Switching Solution

For more information on support of the BR Integrated Banking Product, write email to

Craft silicon has been over the years used its ATM switch solution to deploy to banks , now Craft Silicon in corperation with ATM vendors are now providing leasing and switch services for ATM. Our ATM switch developers and support work together to ensure that this solution works effectively for all our clients and no mismatch or erorrs or malnufunctin are reported from the ATM.

Read more about our online help tools for supporting our clients.

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Faulu Kenya, a microfinance bank based in Nairobi uses BR.ATM for its automated allow its customers to withdraw cash and access previously approved loans from ATMs across Kenya.

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Get information on our all inclusive alternate channels that Craft Silicon provides to its client , and more inclusive details of our ATM switch solution.

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Crafts silicon Limited successfully deploys ATM Switch solution to Faulu Bank in Kenya .

Craft Silicon gets recognition for deploying ATM Switch at Faulu Kenya.

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