Over the years the use of short detailed messages has evolved from ‘a message in a bottle,’ to ‘messenger boy’ to ‘telegraphs’ and now to ‘mobile devices that sent instant message with milliseconds of delay,’ therefore providing prompt response. In a busy business world, customers want information on their fingertips instantly. It is in this urgency that financial organizations have narrowed down their customer queries into structure short message service (SMS) requests that are responded to instantly, therefore reducing customer queries queues in the banks. This in turn increases customer service efficiency. SMS Banking is an ongoing technology that financial institutions use to reach to their customers, and customers to reach to their banks at their own convenience.

Craft Silicon Limited introduces BMobile, a state of the art SMS Banking application that provides any bank running any core banking applications a solution to reach to its customers through their mobile phones.

BMobile is an add-on module that is installed on a PC on the bank’s network with a GSM modem connected to it, or with a direct connection to a mobile service provider via the Internet. It has the capability to handle 2 types of transactions:

  • Pull SMS transactions - At a request of the customer, BMobile can send information to the bank customer’s mobile. Examples of pull messages for information include an account balance enquiry or requests for current information like currency exchange rates and deposit interest rates, as published and updated by the bank, loan application, disbursement or deposit maturity.

  • Push SMS transactions – These can also be called as ‘Alerts’, automatically picked up from the respective fields in the database and sent to the customer. Example of push messages could include bank marketing messages or alert messages on an event which happens in the customer's bank account, such as a large withdrawal of funds from the ATM or a large payment using the customer's credit card, account credit or other customer alerts request.
  • Balance enquiry
  • Last 3/4 transactions
  • Currency rates Alert and Request
  • Stop payment through card
  • Stop cheque payments
  • Cheque book request
  • Funds transfer, inter/ intra-account
  • Mobile top-up
  • Bill payments
  • Merchant payments
  • Message ‘Alerts’ e.g. Loans, deposits, instalment payments, ATM feedback, account debit or credit. Other alerts that the database generates includes birthday or anniversary greetings (picked from account opening forms)
  • New product launch of bank
  • New branch inauguration
  • Salary Payment Alert
  • Fixed deposit rates request
  • Important announcements / Flash news
  • Transfer funds
  • Mobile service integration for Payments

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To Customers
  • Easy access to requests and inquires on bank services and account status
  • Saves time and money on request made for bank services
  • Get updates on new products and services by the bank right at finger tips

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To Businesses
  • Increases revenues through push and pull SMS services cost
  • Reduces customers queue on enquiries
  • Easy reach to customers for news and updates through SMS
  • Creates a better ‘know your customer’ opportunity
  • Facilitates better reach and increase in business customer base

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  • Transactions
  • Mobile services
  • Services
  • Settings; Port, Database and Mobile service provider
  • Reports
  • Messages

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Integrated Solutions
bMobile Software is an optional Banking module. This section explains how bMobile can be interfaced with your main banking application. Some of the functionality may trim down when bMobile is interfaced to a banking application other than Bankers Realm.
  • If your main banking application system is an open system and if the file formats are available, then bMobile can be linked with your banking application in either online mode or offline mode. We have tried and tested the BMobile application with other open databases like ORACLE, xBASE, PARADOX, ACCESS, INFORMIX, SyBASE.

  • If your main banking application system is not an open system, bMobile may still be used. We can study your existing system and provide you with an interface that runs in offline mode. Data from your banking application will be downloaded at regular intervals into the format that can be used by bMobile. We have tested bMobile application in an offline mode with databases like COBOL, BBX (Business Basic).
  • If your main banking application is equipped with an ISO interface, whether customized or standard, bMobile is capable of seamless connection to the interface for transaction posting
We have integrated it with the following banking application till date on a on-line real-time connection:
  • Finacle
  • FLexcube
  • Bankmaster
  • Bankers Realm core financial solutions

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  • Paramount Bank, Nairobi
  • Dar-es-Salam Community Bank, TZ
  • Equatorial Commercial Bank, Nairobi
  • Opportunity International Bank of Malawi, Malawi

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Other Alternate Channel Solutions

For more information on support of the BR Integrated Banking Product, write email to

SMS Banking has a team of mobile banking expertise who speciliase in short messaging programming , their support skill and knowledge is high and our clients are always happy to implement new ideas providing by the team.

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Meet the team

National Bank of Malawi is a financial services company based in Malawi, using BR bMobile.

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Muramati Sacco , Kenya , is now enjoying the SMS banking facility to service their customers through loan disbursement alert , customer queries and loan repayments alerts.

Crafts Silicon Limited successfully deploys SMS Banking application in National Bank of Malawi.

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