BR Core Microfinance Solutions

Opportunities at the base of the pyramid are driving the buzz today. One of the most significant areas in this category around the world is Microfinance. Craft Silicon, in recognition of the bright prospects and the opportunities, has developed BRmfs (Bankers Realm Core Microfinance Solution) that helps manage small to large customer records, volumes of transactions, portfolios, profits and also analyze the risk factors. BR MFS Solution is now running on our high end web platform - BR .Net.

Craft Silicon's MFI offering also provides its partners with alternate channels such as POS and mobile banking that allows businesses to provide online, real time and secure services to customers even in remote areas. The limitless scope and convenience offered could be testified by over 200 satisfied Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), in over 32 countries around the world.

  • Multi currency/ multilingual – user definable
  • CRM module: captures all customer information
  • Custom fields and forms
  • More than 100 standard reports
  • Regulatory bank reporting
  • Credit scoring module
  • Group meetings and schedules synchronization
  • Client group exits tracking – reinstatement and savings refunds
  • Recurring deposits
  • Salaried loans eligibility set up
  • Detailed loan management (from application – write off / pay off)
  • Loan repayment performance highlights
  • Insurance details tracking
  • Rescheduling / restructuring loans
  • Refinancing loans / top-ups
  • Batch disbursements / rescheduling / pay offs
  • Loan history tracking
  • Customizable Event Driven Interest Procedure (EDIP)

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To Customers
  • With easy integration to alternate channels, customers can access the financial services at their convenience
  • Faster and convenient processing of transactions, loans and member registration
  • Flexible interest rates and rescheduling of loans for individual customer
  • Provides friendly integration of group meetings with group loan schedule for repayments

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To Businesses
  • With a user friendly customer query and dash board, users can view variety of business and customer information all in one screen
  • Increased customer margin with easy integration to alternate channels such as POS, ATM and Mobile banking
  • Increased customer service efficiency, with faster transaction, loan and group processing
  • Very fast and easy to import and export data in any format
  • Customizable interest procedure that allows customers and businesses to enjoy the changing interest rates in the market.
  • Accurate and efficient MIS Reports for analysis of profits and loss for the business.
  • Consolidatable balance sheet for different branches

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  • Member and Group Management
  • Customer Query
  • Advances Management
  • Deposits Management.
  • Agency
  • Loans Processing and Management
  • Group Meetings
  • Shares and Dividends
  • Transactions Manager
  • Report Writer
  • Static Data Maintenance
  • Products Settings
  • Import and Export Tool
  • General Ledger
  • Dash Board Manager
  • Customer accounts Manager
  • Language Captions and Messages Editor
  • Treasury Management
  • Bank Reconciliation Tool
  • Marker Checker
  • Fixed Asset and Collateral Manager

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Integrated Solutions

Using our BR Electronic Fund Switch solution and other switch vendors as well as bridges, our BR MFS solution has been tested and proven to intergrate on following financial inclusion

  • ATM
  • POS
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Other Vendor solutions

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Some of our BR MFS Clients
  • ACSI, Ethiopia
  • Afribank, Nigeria
  • Asusu, Niger
  • Bimas, Kenya
  • Eclof, Kenya
  • EZI, Nigeria
  • FBN, Nigeria
  • Fides, Namibia
  • Fullerton, India
  • Harambee, Kenya

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Other Financial Solutions

For more information on support of the BR MFS Product, write email to


Our BR MFO Support team , is known all over by our clients as a dedicated to team to meets customers need and requirement. They are team who are highly qualified in implementatin , deployment , engineering and training of BR MFS product , and have good foundation on Microfinance industry.;

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First Bank of Nigeria , now reaches to microfinance , to rural markert outlets to increase customer margin and cater for small income earners.

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Get more information of how BR MFS Solution has been developed to cater from small growing microfinance , to big microfinance venturing into Banking industry. Read more on the features and modules in the BR MFS Solution.

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Jamii Bora has now moved its operation to Banking, now called ‘Jamii Bora Bank.’ This move has encouraged a huge number of customers who are now able to access banking services with very low banking charges.

BRMFS French product is emerging into the Western African region, with AEI , Credit du sahel , Asusu Ciigaba ,La Regionale already running its business on the product application.


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