Bankers Realm.NET is a new high end version of Bankers Realm. Bankers Realm.NET is designed to operate large volume of transactions. This software is designed to operate independent of the platform. Bankers Realm.NET is designed to operate in any standard browser. During the design of the product, a lot of concentration was placed on issues like:
  • Centralized operations on very low bandwidth lines
  • Capability of software to handle huge transaction volumes
  • Capability of software to handle third party channels like ATM, POS etc.
  • Database security
Bankers Realm.NET also Offered under the SaaS model. Where it is hosted on Craft Silicon Data Center servers, while the customer can pay per usage.

Our core applications currently running on the platform are the Bankers realm Core Microfinance solution , Bankers Realm Islamic Banking Solution and Bankers realm integrated Banking solution.

  • Hierarchical menu options can be easily changed by authorized officers at the branch and head office level
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Online help and context sensitive help
  • Easy to understand error messages
  • Easy to use interface, similar interface and navigation modes across the system
  • Multicurrency system
  • Multi-company system
  • Multilingual system (English, French and Spanish etc.)
  • Ability to maintain all bank-owned products e.g. loans, deposits, etc.
  • Ability to maintain any bank sold products e.g. third party car loans, third party insurance products
  • Ability to create new product based on product template
  • Support exchange rates as both LC / FC or FC / LC
  • Ability to drill down from high level (e.g. total customer position) to lowest level (e.g. source document)
  • Facility to switch ownership from one branch to another for any account, without changing the account number
  • Ability to download data to other applications such as audit software (e.g. ACL) in international standard formats
  • Data input and validation at source
  • Customers have instant access to their own accounts through the multi-channel delivery systems
  • Software meets all generally accepted accounting / business practices, fiscal, legal, and statutory requirements
  • Global parameterization
  • Able to maintain different holiday rules in association with the country
  • Define business and non-business days in a calendar
  • Define posting rule for a given type of transaction in relation to the calendar
  • Define holidays as regional, national or local
  • Provide option to specify in which format the dates are entered, displayed and printed by the system
  • Rate information (interest and exchange) may be inserted at the head office on a daily basis or at specified change times

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To Customers
  • Fast and accurate transaction posting
  • Easy processing of services, thus improving customer service efficiency
  • All customer records are one click away
  • Customer data is secure, only accessible to authorized person

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To Businesses
  • Accessible through broadband internet connections
  • Maker- checker support for all modules
  • Multi OS / Multi browser support
  • Low TCO, support Linux OS at client side
  • Batch processing of all group transactions, saves data entry time

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  • Loans
  • Deposits (fixed, current, call, savings and special deposits)
  • Credit advance (Term loan, agriculture loan, salaried loan, fixed payment, hire purchase, leasing , overdraft , promissory note)
  • Money transfers
  • General ledger
  • Customer ledger accounts
  • Information dashboard
  • Security
  • Member registration
  • Transactions
  • Mailing services
  • Document templates
  • Report writer
  • Regulatory reports

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Integrated Solutions
BR.NET is fully equipped with the modules that would allow you to create new products. The main category of products includes deposits, advances or non-funded accounts. All these categories can be further expanded into more detailed products. For example a Deposit account can be extended into Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposits, Savings deposits, etc. BR.Net can be used for a bank as well as Microfinance. Product definition allows you to create and maintain group based Microfinance products. It also provides easy to customize features for new modules, functionalities or reports.

Bankers Realm.NET is a fully integrated, internet aware core banking software. The software operates as a web application and has been tested and benchmarked with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
BR.Net is based on open delivery concept. This would allow interface to third party delivery channels like ATM, SWIFT, POS, Internet Banking, etc to be more secure and robust.

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Some of our Clients
  • L&T Finance, India
  • Sahayata Microfinance, India
  • Ujjivan Financial Services, India
  • Habitat, Sri-Lanka
  • U&I, Kenya

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Other Financial Solutions

For more information on support of the BR.NET Deployment, write email to

BR .NET is developed & deployed by Craft Silicon India . The product is now also being supported from Nairobi for African region. To learn more about our support process ,click link below ;

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Our support Process


L&T Finance Ltd, a company which has client base over 1.4 Millions, has been implementing in India by partnering with Craft Silicon.

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Get more information on how Bankers Realm .NET has been developed to cater for microfinance and banking sector operations.

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Bankers Realm.Net has been successfully deployed in more than 15 institutions.

Bankers Realm.NET is intergrated Microfinance and Banking solution to cater for our web based platform customers

Bankers Realm.Net is now offers Islamic banking functionality , a step that has recieved a lot of high demand from our Islamic banking customers.

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