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With the world changing into a global market, internet has become one of the major platforms for business, communication, marketing and deploying solutions. Financial institutions are now gearing their business towards the internet platform through advertising, running their application, communication and now providing their services to their customers. One of the main ventures is through internet banking, where a customer can access banking services right at their convenience and comfort. Craft Silicon prides itself in proving that any core banking solution can integrate to provide their customer service through internet banking – BR Banking@Home. BR-Banking@Home software is written in one of the most popular visual programming languages available in the market today. Since the software is designed using open database technology (ODBC), it can handle a wide range of databases.

Banks can set up their own web page that can provide some of the general information about the bank to the Banking@Home users and the guest users. A guest user may browse the web page and can optionally get some of the general information like currency rates, product highlights, financial statements and more. An IBS user will be able to get some more options like the account balance, transaction details, and transfer of funds to his or her accounts etc.

The BR Banking@Home Solution will allow users to log in to the bank account either as a guest user for demo or as an authorized account holder for access to the account. It allows authorized users to access all their accounts on one page.

BR Banking@Home shows details of the accounts, up-to-date transactions in the form of statements that is done on online and real time basis.

  • Displays multiple account balance
  • Account Transactions
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Standing Instructions
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Payment Request
  • Interest Worksheet Report
  • Account Turnover and Other Statistics
  • Send mails/Read mails
  • Configure email and other alerts
  • Currency Rate Information
  • Tariff Charges Rates Display
  • Advances and Deposit Interest Rates Calculations
  • Customer Loan Inquiry and Schedules
  • Dash board Alert items
  • Shortcut access options
  • PIN /TAN authentication using Password
  • Flexible bill payments
  • Provides wire transfer option

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To Customers
  • Provides easy-to-use interface
  • Provides add-on utilities for loan inquiry, forex exchange request, funds transfer request, interest calculators, news updates, account opening and others
  • Provides an investment portal with latest stock rates in market
  • Provides online help on how to use the application
  • Runs on low bandwidth
  • Provides easy updates on features and add-on utilities from other applications such as facebook

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To Businesses
  • Provides better and anytime, anywhere access to the bank account and services
  • Reduces customers’ queue on enquiries
  • Provides an avenue to update customers on news, events, and new products and services

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  • Accounts
  • Security
  • Loans
  • Utilities
  • Money Market
  • Transactions
  • User Maintenance
  • Reports
  • Request
  • Dash board
  • Personal Settings
  • Mails
  • Chat
  • Search Engine
  • Manage Alerts and News
  • Bill Payment

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Integrated Solutions
BR-Internet Banking Software is an optional Banking module. The functionality of this cute software can be exploited fully when the host banking application is Bankers Realm. However, the module is also capable of running by itself. This section explains how BR-Internet Banking can be interfaced with your main banking application. Some of the functionality may trim down when BR-Internet Banking is interfaced to other banking applications other than Bankers Realm.
  • If your main banking application system is an open system, and if the file formats are available, then BR-Internet Banking can be linked with your banking application in either on-line mode, or in off-line mode. We have tried and tested the BR-Internet Banking application with other open databases like ORACLE, xBASE, PARADOX, ACCESS, INFORMIX, SyBASE.

  • If your main banking application system is not an open system, BR-Internet Banking may still be used. Today, most of the Banking software can generate disk data files in a standard ASCII format. We can study your existing system and provide you with an interface that runs in off line mode. Data from your banking application will be down loaded at regular intervals into the format that can be used by BR-Internet Banking. We have tested BR-Internet banking application in an offline mode with databases like COBOL, BBX (Business Basic).

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Other Alternate Channel Solutions
  • More that 4 billion people access internet services per second across the globe.

  • The first home online banking service was set up at the UK by Bank of Scotland for customers of the Nottingham Building Society (NBS) in 1983.

  • Internet banking has open more doors to business people to process online transactions right from their bank.

For more information on support of the BR Integrated Banking Product, write email to ;

Banking@Home solution is deployed and maintained at the bank host server. If there are new feature or solutions to be implemented , they are updated at the server and customers get updates right at their desktop. Our support base is quite versatile on internet security and are able to update our client on up to date techonology of security.

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Banking@Home solutions is now running high in market as part of deployment solution for Bankers Realm Intergrated Banking.

Equity Bank is now using our Bankers Realm on WEB application to allow users to access basic operations of the main core banking system.

Equitorial Bank , Kenya is a successful implementation of the Banking @Home ,now customers can transfer funds to other accounts in bank real time and even pay bills online through internet


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