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With the need to expand services to meet customers at any time and in any place, financial institutions services have embarked on setting up channels that can provide their customers with over-the-counter services. These channels are on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis and can be used anywhere Internet connectivity is available, with no cashier or operator but just an automated system. Craft Silicon has developed a switch that can communicate between the core banking system and alternative business channels. The switch is known as Banker Realm Electronic Fund Transfer (BREFT).

Bankers Realm EFT SWITCH is a high end transaction routing engine that allows a bank / micro finance institution to drive their ATM, POS or any other electronic delivery channels. BREFT Channel Manager securely and transparently manages and integrates the channels through which banking services are delivered through ATM / POS. BREFT accepts incoming messages in any given format, processes them and either responds to them or forwards them to the designated host.

  • Integrates with BR Applications
  • Facilitates anytime, anywhere services
  • Supports different types of communication protocol (x.25,TCP/IP etc.) with different types of connection
  • Handles any message level interface, supports all industry standard message formats like ISO 8583, XML etc.
  • Transaction routing between the source and destination is key field based and configurable
  • Supports BIN base transaction routing
  • Provides Stand in Authorization based on negative files, positive balance files (PBF), Preset Limits Offers store and forward (SAF) facility
  • Supports interface to ATM proofing, POS transaction settlement, interchange transaction settlement
  • Supports industry standard AT emulation interface NDC+, DP12, Optra
  • Connects to multiple delivery channels and multiple authorization HOST systems / Networks.
  • Interface with Host security Module (HSM)
  • Supports hardware and software based security
  • Easy integration with regional, national and international interchange such as Master Card, VISA, Amex etc

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  • Integrates easily to other electronic devices and financial solutions thus making deployment of different alternate channels easy and seamless
  • Provides an easy to user interface to touch point devices, thus providing easy to use service for customers using ATM, Interactive kiosk, POS and PDAs
  • Provides fully customizable modules for accessing external content , transaction services networks and internal billing such as VISA and Master Card , Mobile portal , Telephone banking and Mobile prepaid services

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  • Transaction Management
  • Card Management
  • ATM /POS Management
  • Money Transfers
  • Mobile Service Integration
  • Authentication of customer using Bio metric
  • Group Transactions
  • Loan Management Service Integration

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Integrated Solutions
The BREFT uses superior middleware that enables it to handle all the electronic delivery channels. It supports multilingual ATM screens and has multicurrency capabilities. The back office of BREFT generates a host of daily reports and MIS and is able to monitor and process end-of-the-day transactions for updates. It can issue and authorize magnetic strips and EMW compliant cards and has features that make it highly flexible and scalable to very high transactions. It also does a host of activities like manage stored-value cards or prepaid cards, mobile top-ups and connects to other POS networks.

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Some of our Clients
  • ABC BANK, Kenya
  • Oriental Commercial Bank, Kenya
  • Credit Bank, Kenya
  • National Bank Malawi , Malawi
  • Opportunity Internationa Bank , Malawi
  • Afribank Microfinance , Nigeria
  • Southern Credit Bank, Kenya
  • Uchumi Commercial Bank, TANZANIA
  • Post Bank, Kenya
  • Equity Bank , Kenya

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Other Switching Solution

For more information on support of the BR EFT Solution, write email to

BREFT Support team is a very experienced versatile team who deal with all kinds of switch , mobile and alternate channels. They are are a dedicated team to their work and work closely with technicians to ensure deployment is done effectively.

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The biggest mobile provider in Kenya, Safaricom lanches a new innovative bill payment service powered by BREFT through Nakumatt outlets. Mobile subscribers are now able to make their mobile bill payments.

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BREFT Solution , provides an ultimate gateway for any financial solution , to reach to its customers through alternate channels. Read more about our BREFT Product and its alternate channels from brochure link below;.

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BREFT solution is now integrating with commercial banks and mobile phone companies. Latest implementation is the Bank of Africa right here in Kenya.

Equity Bank in Kenya launched a new innovative product for their customers called "Equity Cash Back". This allows their customers to use their ATM Cards to purchase as well as get cash from the supermarket Tills. This product is powered by our BREFT software.

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