Islamic Banking or Sharia Finance, currently estimated to be worth approximately USD $ 750 billion, is growing at a remarkable pace of approximately 15% - 20% per annum and represents a vast global practice which has developed a worldwide presence. Sharia compliant products in the retail and investment banking space are helping unlock funds, investment and deposits from individuals and corporates globally that follow Sharia principles as their day-to-day business and investment philosophy.

Craft Silicon recognizes the emergence and the development of Islamic banking throughout the world and has introduced a solution to the Bankers Realm family called Bankers Realms Islamic Banking. Bankers Realm Islamic banking is now modeled to suit Islamic demands. It is a comprehensive Islamic banking solution that provides banks with full-fledged savings, liability, investment, add on utilities and reports management system. The solution also provides regulations and policies that are governed by the Sharia and supports AAIOFI standard of accounting.


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