BR Islamic Banking
Craft Silicon recognizes the emergence and development of Islamic banking throughout the world and with this growth, a new solution to the Bankers Realm family called Islamic Banking has been introduced. Islamic Banking has taken shape in the world with huge investments being put in banks and with the need for Sharia compliant institutions, financial institutions have now modeled their services to suit Islamic demands. Craft Silicon now offers a comprehensive Islamic banking solution that provides banks end-to-end functionality that defines and offers Sharia-compliant products that will play a critical role in addressing the needs of the burgeoning Islamic banking segment.
  • On contract level capturing assets/commodity details related to supplier and bank’s customer
  • Covers purchase and sale transactions of commodities on a separate financing contract
  • Captures payment schedule
  • Defines multiple products with facility to modify the parameters
  • Amortization repayment schedule for profit and rental
  • Calculates daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half yearly and yearly profit or rent on accrual basis
  • Defines grace period and repayment holidays
  • Acceptance of repayment in cash, by cheque, PDC and ECS
  • Defines /collects late payment charges for installments
  • Calculates and reports profit accrued on debt base product account funded under various pools
  • Generates advice/statement to customers
  • Facility to link commodity/assets to inventory account
  • It includes demand and time deposits under Mudaraba concept of investment covering term deposits, demand deposits and savings A/C
  • Introduction of multiple products for different market segments
  • Opening of term deposit and demand deposit linkage to an acceptance pool
  • Auto rollover and auto closer during the product transaction
  • Facility of pre-mature closure
  • Distribution of profit on a pre-defined agreement
  • Statement of account for individual a/c or combined statement for all a/cs of a customer
  • Calculation of Zakat and collection from deposits a/c based on the tenor and amount as per the Sharia law
  • Using the Islamic pool for mobilization of funds, facilitates placement of funds and management of profit distribution for acceptance of deposit
  • Specifies a fund pool under PSIAU and PSIAR, based on various pre-configured restrictions which meet the bank-definable parameters
  • Defines multicurrency pool and tracks pool balances in individual currencies
  • Defines profit distribution frequency for a pool
  • Specifies tenor base profit sharing percentage (between the client and the bank)

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To Customers
  • Provides add-on utilities that customers can use e.g. Hijri calendar
  • Provides multicurrency option for customers to transact with
  • Fully comprehensive solution, providing all features, products, services which are Sharia compliant

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To Businesses
  • Provides easy integration with other Sharia based utilities for funds, remittances and customized reports
  • Provides multilingual option, which includes use of Arabic language, grammar and tools
  • Easy to add new product and services under the Shariah-based policy

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Deposits Products

Saving A/C Services

  • Current Deposits (Wadia/Qard Hasan)
  • Savings Deposits (Wadia/Mudaraba)

Deposits Services
  • Mudaraba (Investment) Long Term Deposits
  • Wakala (Investment) Short Term Deposits.
Debt Base Financial Products
  • Murabaha (Asset Financing)
  • Ijara (Operational Leasing)
  • Ijara Wa Iktina (Hire Purchase)
  • Salam(Farmer Loan)
  • Tawarruq(Over Draft,Working Capital)
  • Istisna (Project Financing)
Equity Base Financial Products
  • Mudaraba(Trustee Partnership)
  • Musharaka(Joint Venture)
  • Diminishing Musharaka(Declining Partnership- Housing and property Finance)
Service Base Financial Products
  • Letter of Credit(Wakala)
  • Letter of Guarantee(Kafala)
  • Fund Transfer
  • Ujr

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Integrated Solutions
BR Islamic has been designed with same database structure with other financial solutions , therefore its is proved and tested using our Bankers Realm Electronic Funds Transfer (BREFT) to intergrate with other alternate channels such as ;
  • Automated Teller Machine(ATM)
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking

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Some of our Clients

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Other Financial Solutions

For more information on support of the BR Islamic Banking Product, write email to:

BR Islamic is new high end product , being developed by our best developers and a team of support who fully understand the Islamic banking industry. The team work together with Quality Assurance team to ensure the product meet the banking principles based on Islamic faith.

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Islamic banking is now in the aggresive market to get clients from Egypt , Sudan , and Middle East Countries. Implementations are due , and ongoing.




Get information on how Bankers Realm Islamic solution provides versatile functionality on banking principles based on Islamic Faith.

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Craft Silicon Launches its new Bankers Realm Islamic Banking comprehensive solution and now highly marketing in Northern African region where Islamic business is as its peak.

Bankers Realm Islamic banking recieves a high reception welcome from customers in Middle East.


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