At Craft Silicon, we look at our support process as:

  • Implementation / Post Implementation Support & Issue Resolution.
  • Attending to the client issues to enable them to operate smoothly.
  • Based on the terms and agreement between client and Craft Silicon written under the (Annual Maintenance Contract) AMC.
  • Off Site – online
  • On Site – Support engineers visit the client site.

Any staff member of Craft Silicon can provide support to the client but the responsibility primarily lies with the Support and Implementation Department and its engineers.

The support process will normally include the following main activities:

1. Issue reporting and capture
2. Analysis
3. Issue Resolution
4. Testing
5. Documentation
6. Deployment of the Solution
7. Project Monitoring Tool Update
8. Issue Closure

Testing and Deployment

At Craft Silicon, issues resolved by our development team are first tested by our Quality Assurance team (QA) before deployment. The main processes the QA team will follow are:

  • Apply the solution developed on a fresh database.
  • Test other operations related to the solution / issue
  • Test other processes that could be affected by the solution
  • Quality Assurance Test if applicable.
  • Provide a Release Note to Support.
  • Documentation provided by team of professional technical writers

The feedback provided to the client is in form of documentation Release Note, that includes details of the resolution provided. The client is required to test the solution provided first from test server, give feedback to Craft silicon support team and the based on results can be guided to deploy solution to the main live database.

On Site Support

This will involve a support engineer visiting the client site to deploy the solution. In this case the following must be included in the resolution process:

  • All steps in the On-site checklist must be observed
  • A back up must be taken before any changes are made
  • Solutions must first be tested with the client in the test server
  • The engineer can deploy if satisfactory
  • The Client must sign off on the issues sorted
  • The staff should carry an updated back up if required
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