Banks are moving back to basics today. Business trends show a shift in priorities, moving from acquisition to organic growth and retention. After all the losses in the recent recessive times, the drive for profitability is being led by standard retail banking activities. Suddenly, what was considered bland and unremarkable in retail banking business is being seen as stable and attractive. In short, we are now heralding a new economic framework for banking. This could result in banks literally tearing down the walls to bring in their customers.

Banks must focus beyond robust financial health and operational best practices and focus on protecting their most valuable asset: their customers. Strong, loyal and valuable customer relationships benefit from innovative and efficient IT solutions that address business processes, business intelligence and information systems. Not surprisingly banks are struggling to operate in a more agile and global fashion. A shift toward more fluid, globally integrated enterprises will enable banks to capture opportunities whenever and wherever they exist – on the revenue and cost sides. With a wealth of experience in partnering with leading banks and financial institutions across the world and a comprehensive range of services and solutions, Craft Silicon is the partner that gets clients results: optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustained cost leadership.

At Craft Silicon, we believe that the next-generation architecture for banking should be such that it manages the dynamic nature of the business and technology, while it supports agility, fosters innovation and is flexible. Bankers Realm Intergrated banking solution from Craft Silicon, is a complete and comprehensive core banking suite – complete in development and comprehensive in its application. This solution can help financial institutions to stay competitive even with a growing customer base by offering new and differentiated products. It is an easy-to-integrate, scalable, enterprise-wide solution that handles large transaction volumes on a 24x7 basis. It automates banking processes and provides best-in-class customer service at reasonable cost, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing risks.

With world-class implementation and support expertise, the solution has been successfully deployed in various banks in Kenya along with other market-leading banks around the world.

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