Technology is a key driver today in how banks and financial institutions do business. Innovative financial technology (FinTech) solutions are disrupting traditional banking services and processes at breath-taking speed.

At Craft Silicon, we truly believe that investing in cutting-edge technologies that deliver customer delight and satisfy global and local compliance is the key. Every process and every business solution, from account opening to money transfers to payment solutions, needs a fresh approach.

We help you do this with our extensive portfolio of products that combine Core Technology development focus and our growing range of Mobile Technology solutions. Let us bring you technology that lets you serve your customer with the latest innovations while keeping the transition simple and seamless.

Core Technology

The heart of any Craft Silicon technology solution is a focus on growth, innovation, and customer needs. To deliver on these driving forces, our Core Technology acts as a true building block on which you can seamlessly grow your business to greater heights and newer markets. Whether it is the programming language or databases or computer networks or web technologies, we drive our solutions on the latest and best technology stack.

At Craft Silicon, our research & development efforts are continuously scanning the market for new trends and innovations that can help us deliver path-breaking solutions for our customers.

We also balance it with a strong understanding of technologies that are here to stay and can be relied on for robust, scalable, secure solutions.

Technology pillars

The right technology stack can accelerate your business by giving you features and functionalities that best serve your market and customers. It is essential to stay ahead of the game, continuously adapting, innovating and building for the future.

Let Craft Silicon be your guiding partner as you choose the platform on which you will build your banking and financial services offerings. Here are some languages we currently build products on –

  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.Webform
  • C#
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • MSSQL 2017/2019
  • MSSQL Bussines Intelligence
  • Cloud Platform