Craft Silicon Foundation is the corporate social responsibility initiative of Craft Silicon Limited.

A registered non-profit organisation since 2010, the Foundation works towards empowering woman, youth, and children through free computer education and access to the Internet. We have worked with over 32,857 beneficiaries across Kenya, Uganda, India and Ethiopia and growing every day.

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Our vision

Empower communities to economically and socially sustain themselves through Information and Communication Technology.

Our Mission

Equip the community, especially youth, with free Information Communication Technology skills, facilitate access to internet with a focus on socio-economic development.

Our Work

Computer literacy is at the heart of everything we do, it–literally–connects us to the world! We take technology and learning to where it really matters and where it can make a difference in the lives of individuals and hence, families.

Craft Silicon Foundation is committed to sustainable development, prosperity and poverty reduction to address the hardship, high poverty levels and interconnected challenges that affect communities in Eastern Africa through access to digital skills and competence.

Our primary target group is the Youth – irrespective of tribe, age, gender, education background, social, economic & political inclinations.

key benefits of the PROGRAM

Our ongoing campaign promotes computer literacy, and provides education through our mobile computer bus. To successfully graduate from the course and receive the necessary certification, students must complete the programme in its entirety and pass all required examinations.
Free Digital Literacy program will bridge the wide divisions between those with real access to Information and Communications Technology and those without. Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) are increasingly becoming a foundation of our societies and economies, the Digital Divide means that the "information have-nots" are denied the option to participate in new ICT jobs, in e-government, in ICT-improved healthcare, and in ICT enhanced education.

Free training in Information Technology & Internet Services.

Basic, intermediate, advanced and professional Information Communication and Technology skills.

Specialised exposure that enables students and beneficiaries to capitalise on relevant opportunities in the digital world.

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